Based in Cambridge, the International Forum for Understanding (IFOUND) promotes constructive dialogue and impactful solutions for a variety of urgent contemporary challenges. Through facilitating discussion among opinion leaders, decision-makers and an innovative range of actors, we focus on achieving actionable results informed by diverse, intergenerational perspectives.


The International Forum for Understanding serves as a centralized source for a variety of other projects which we initiate, develop and implement. Examples include SDG2030.me and MESPERO.

In turn, those projects lead to other initiatives, such as Humanitarian Community Life (HCL), which builds emotional support and life-skill capacity for humanitarian workers in Syria and Yemen.

We also spotlight related activities of others, including these interviews on Women, Peace and Security.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are at the core of our activities. And we firmly believe that implementation is the key to success.

We engage globally to facilitate cross-sectional approaches and create effective, sustainable solutions. Gender and race are linked to education and human rights, poverty and disarmament, environmental degradation and climate change…