Breaking Free from Human Trafficking: An Interactive Event and Exhibition for 2021
curated and developed a unique selection of art and virtual learning materials by and about
those with lived experience in human trafficking. Just click below to explore each installation…

Rania Ali is an award-winning journalist, public speaker, and human rights defender from Syria. Having made her first award-winning documentary with the Guardian in 2017, she works with several NGOs as a campaigner highlighting to governments the importance of protecting human rights defenders worldwide.


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Kendall Alaimo is a professionally trained artist who believes in using art as a catalyst to create dialog around child sex trafficking. Her art is bright and playful in its aesthetics but dark in the truthful narrative she sheds light on.


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A variety of Kendall Alaimo’s work is displayed in this digital exhibition, ranging from samples of her paintings and other art to a global installation connected to the launch of her University Alliance initiative.


Click for virtual learning ‘One Girl at a Time’

One Girl at a Time
Explore how Apne Aap Is Changing the World – One Girl at a Time. Apne Aap (which means self-action) works globally at dismantling the system of prostitution by empowering marginalized girls and women while deterring the purchase of sex through policy and social change.


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Virtual Museum of Grassroots Feminist Action
Showcases Apne Aap’s collective work over the past year and creates an online space bridging women’s struggles worldwide. Apne Aap is a women’s rights organisation that works to create a world in which no woman or girl is bought or sold.