Hyab Yohannes


Hyab Yohannes is a researcher at the University of Glasgow and holder of the UNESCO RILA PhD Scholarship. He worked formerly for local charities and international organisations in Egypt, including UNHCR, IOM, Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance (AMERA), and Saint Andrew’s Refugee Services (StARS). In the UK, Hyab worked as a community organiser and refugee education and training adviser. He is currently involved with organisations such as Right to Remain Ltd, and YAS.

Hyab is originally from Eritrea and now a ‘naturalised’ UK citizen, becoming a rights-bearing subject for the first time since he was born. As a former refugee and a researcher, Hyab’s lived, professional and research experience allowed him to bring a unique experience and perspective to the issues facing forced migrants such as refugees, stateless people, and people seeking asylum. He is on a journey of constantly learning, unlearning, reflecting, and staying grounded. Hyab is committed to understanding the challenges displaced people face and the biopolitical b/ordering that led to their challenges and contributing to a positive change.

He is a Member of the International Survivors of Trafficking Advisory Council (ISTAC) which assists the work of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) in combating trafficking in persons.